Competitor Metrics

You have competition. We get it. Our Competitive Metrics tool offers advanced reporting for advanced analysis on your competitors. You can determine what kind of foot traffic they have and how to go about getting your 'unfair share' of the market.

Professional Competitive Intel





Competitive Predictive Analysis

By knowing how visible your competitors' sites are, you can develop your own promotional strategy. By understanding what keywords and pages need your immediate attention, you can get ahead of the competition.

Your Link Profile vs Your Competitors

How well your website is doing compared to your competitors? You will be able to analyze it by using the most important off-page metrics like the number and the quality of total backlinks.

Competitor Foot Traffic

You can estimate foot traffic with numbers that show unique visitors and Alexa Global Traffic Rank History on your site and competing sites for the last 12 months. 

What You Get with the Competitor Metrics Reports

Competitive Analysis Roadmap

The Competitive Analysis Checklist will show you what key competitor metrics you should analyze on a regular basis to improve your site's performance.

Rankings for 20 Competitors

Get a full ranking report to compare your visibility to the visibility of up to 20 of your competitors.

Competitor Social Citations

Check the social citations of your home page and those of your competitors. Who is more actively involved with the community or social media?

Increase Foot Traffic

By knowing how many unique visitors you and your competitor has, this gives you an opportunity to modify any promotions to help increase the foot traffic to your store or site.

Alexa Global Traffic Rank History

Do your research and see how the traffic rank changed for the last 12 month for you and your competitors.

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