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Jan 22, 2020 -- Posted by : Emily.Triplett

marketshare-logo.jpgAs we begin racing our way through 2020 for the largest slice of the search engine Market Share, it’s important to get into first gear as quickly as possible. Big box stores are the competitors most people are willing to bet on for this race. However, that doesn’t mean your business is out of the running. To get foot traffic delivered to your store and secure the coveted Market Share 500, you need the right vehicle and pit crew on your side. Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing has the experts on staff that can quickly and efficiently create your web design and web development packages so you can compete in the Market Share 500. 

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Get Into First Gear with the Right Domain

first gearYour domain is a vital part of your web design and web development packages. This is what gives you the ability to punch the clutch and get your vehicle into first gear. Without the right domain, your vehicle won’t stand a chance in the Market Share 500. 

When it comes to selecting a domain, it’s highly advised to select two domains: one that is your business name and one that is a keyword/keyword phrase that relates to your business. The first domain serves as the branding for your business. It’s important to have this domain as this is the easiest way for prospects to find your website online. 

The second domain is for SEO purposes. Your web design and web development are crucial building blocks in your race for the Market Share 500. However, there is more to SEO than the website itself. Your domain authority also plays a part in your search engine ranking. 

Before purchasing your second domain, you need to make sure the keyword/keyword phrase is actually being searched for online. If you purchase a domain because you think the keyword/keyword phrase is something your leads are searching for, you may be wasting your money. This is a pitfall many businesses succumb to, which worsens their position in the race for search engine market share. 

Research Is Your High Performance Fuel

Research is what fuels your vehicle in the Market Share 500. We make sure we complete the research first so we know what people are searching for online. Then, we purchase the second domain. Without the research, our web design and web development packages are vehicles filled up with regular unleaded gas instead of racing fuel. 

Fortunately, we have the SEO SkyBox Suite's Keyword Research Tool on our pit crew that shows us what we don't know.  

keyword research tool

SEO SkyBox Suite shows you what prospects are searching for in your geographical area. In order to compete against big box stores in the Market Share 500, you must focus on local SEO rankings in order to be seen by prospects. 

If you look at the image, you will notice the keyword phrase “Video Production” has a strong search all year, with a surge in July. On the other hand, the keyword phrase “Production Company” is very low all year with a very strong surge in February. You will need to decide which one best fits with the SEO strategy your team is creating.

This fantastic tool not only shows you the number of local searches, but it gives you the Average CPC. If you decide to move forward with a CPC campaign, you will know how to budget. The Search Trends show you how people search for the particular keyword/keyword phrase you are researching. 

The KEI, Keyword Effectiveness Index, will show you a different result. It takes the number of local searches and calculates them against the bid competition before displaying which keywords are the best bang for your buck in CPC campaigns. Typically, these keywords are the best for your SEO marketing, as well.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

After your initial research, you need to learn about what is fueling your competitors’ vehicles. With this knowledge, you can make an intelligent decision on which keywords may be most important to you AND your competitors. SEO SkyBox Suite offers the Spy on Competitors Tool. You can easily view the traffic on ANY competitor’s website. The information you gather can then be used to make an analysis and decision on your SEO strategy.

spy on competitors keyword research tool

After you select the best keyword/keyword phrase for your business, it’s time to purchase the domain. If the .com is available, make sure you secure it. However, you don’t need to worry if only the .net, .org, .bix, or other TLD is available. Secure the domain your domain needs with any TLD.

It’s been said that TLDs other than .com will cause SEO strategies to fail, but that simply isn’t true. Google’s John Mueller says it doesn’t matter what the TLD you use because the search algorithm treats all of the TLDs the same.   

Over Take Your Competition

Don’t allow your competitors to purchase all of the high performance fuel. To gain the SEO advantage, purchase your domain in all the TLDs available (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .online, etc). If you secure the fuel before your competition tries to acquire it, you will have the upper hand. 

After you secure the various TLDs for your domain, you need to consider the DNS. Consider a service like Cloudflare to host your DNS. Their free version will help speed up your domain, and their paid versions will speed up desktop, focus on mobile networks, cache your site geographically, and so much more. Since this is a complicated task, you will want to trust our web design and web development team with the configuration. Our mechanics will ensure your vehicle is running at top speed. 

We think outside the shoe-box to help you secure an advantage in the Market Share 500! Contact us today to learn more about how our web design and web development packages will help you build the best vehicle possible. 

We’re getting ready to shift into second gear. Follow the blog to learn the next step in securing the search engine market share in the 2020 race. ​

- Ed Moore, SEO Coach favicon-16x16.png


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